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Able Dental serves the greater Phoenix, Arizona and offers a wide range of services to suit almost any dental need.

Whether you are tired of crooked teeth, always hiding gaps and stains, or just looking to improve your smile and oral health, Able Dental will create a customized dentistry plan to get you smiling with confidence. When you first contact Able Dental phoenix, we will arrange an introductory visit to examine your individual dental needs, the state of your teeth, and your overall oral hygiene and health.



Dr. Muscato

Able Dental Care provides quality general dental care for children and adults in Phoenix, Arizona, where Michael Muscato, DDS, leads a team of compassionate, friendly dental professionals. They offer the most modern, up-to-date technologies to protect and restore their patient’s oral health and help them regain confidence in their smile.

Able Dental Care specializes in providing highly individualized and convenient cosmetic, restorative, and preventive dentistry. Using advanced technologies, they offer veneers, crowns, dental implants, and dentures with fewer procedures and less production time than when using traditional methods.

Able Dental Care offers walk-in appointments for most services, including teeth whitening, teeth cleaning, and emergency dental treatment. They utilize trusted, quality products, including Invisalign® aligners and Glo™ Science teeth whitening system.

At Able Dental Care, each patient receives an initial assessment and personalized care plan based on their oral health needs and long-term goals. Whether they need to improve their oral health, restore crooked or broken teeth, eliminate enamel stains, or fix unsightly gaps between their teeth, the team creates a treatment plan that restores their confidence.

The Able Dental Care team prides itself on being consistent, warm, friendly, and committed to providing quality, convenient, and cost-effective oral care for patients of all ages. For a consultation, walk-in, call or book online with Able Dental Care today.


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    Yuridia Cabrera
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    Treatment Coordinator
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    Yasmin Estrada
    Dental Assistant
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    Dental Assistant
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    Jason Gamble
    Dental Assistant

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Words from our patients

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    "Had to replace both top and bottom teeth. The staff was warm, friendly, and kind. Made sure I wasn't in any pain and Dr. Musacto was patient and kind as well"

    Jonelle S.
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    'Dr. Muscato has all the requirements and then some. He's extremely well trained and obviously stays up on cutting edge procedures, treatments, etc."

    Sandra C.
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    "Dr. muscato is the best in phx, az i highly recommend this office for all dental needs!"

    Marsha H.
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    "Dr. Muscato made going to the dentist a BREEZE! I know I don't take care of my teeth enough, but he made it painless and fast. I was surprised and delighted"

    John A.
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    "Wasn't a long wait, wonderful staff and I ended up needing oral surgery."

    Aquarian T.

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